Friday, October 1, 2010


Thanks for the follows and thanks for the comments.

Going to post about my day.

The broken Blackberry that I ordered off ebay shipped today along with the parts. I will update everyone on how that is going with pictures and selling link if I end up selling it. Still working with my ISP on trying to get my xbox to work with their DNS servers. Well, basically they are really ignorant and I have no other choice, but to use them as my internet service provider based on where I live, so today has left me rather aggravated. Although I did have a nice chat with some guy at microsoft(Xbox), we didn't get too much accomplished besides getting a little further. We did have some good laughs about how crappy Frontier ISP is and how little they know about their own product.

Well anyways, if anyone has any idea on how to fix my xbox connection problems please post in the comments.

TL;DR My xbox doesn't connect because it can't connect to DNS servers. Randomly stopped working. Westell Modem Model 7500, ISP: Frontier