Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kinect Sports

So, I got Kinect sports and Kinect adventures with my kinect. Both work very well with the sensor and have little, if any, calibration issues. Personally, I prefer Kinect Sports. Kinect Adventures seems more of a kid game, although I believe it would be funner with a larger playing space. Basically the whole game is mini games. Kinect Sports has the sports of course, but the mini games and party play are really fun. Party play is basically mini games for a sport . It rotates every round and the winner gets 100 points while the loser gets 50. You can have up to 8 players (taking turns of course.) I am having a lot of fun with the ping pong. I'll rate the sports based on how fun they were, 1 being best:

1. Volleyball - Now I didn't know about how much I would like this one, but it is really fun. You jump and smash the ball, bump and block.

2. Ping Pong - Well this may be a little biased because I love to play ping pong, but I thought it was a really good game for the kinect. To put it simply, it just worked.

3. Track and Field -  Now this one gave me a sweat. Running in place, jumping, throwing, a lot is packed into this sport. It was fun, but I don't think less active people would like it, but hey maybe they can get in shape now.

4. Boxing - Boxing was fun on the easy difficulty, then when I would go to the harder difficulty, it got annoying. You are supposed to block to get stronger hits (doesn't make sense) and the blocking did not work good at all. Still pretty fun though.

5. Soccer - Now, I had doubts about this one at first, but it turned out alright. Not the best, but still a fun game.

6. Bowling - A LOT like wii bowling, but with bettter spin control. Nothing too new. Got boring by myself, but was fun with others. I liked that you could overhand throw the ball (on some occasions) and if you let go too high it would crack the floor. It made it seem more realistic. Also, the first time I played, I threw it into the crowd on accident.

I think I will do a review on Kinect Adventures, when I beat the game.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xbox, Kinect

The new xbox 360 slim is smaller and quieter, nothing else is really different from the older versions. The kinect is what makes the deal. For those that are weary about buying one, go get one. You will not be disappointed. I could compare it to the wii, but it doesn't even come close. Microsoft hit the ball out of the park with this one. It read your body almost flawlessly. Although there are some quirks, like in 2 player, I think they would be fixed by a larger play area. All in all, great product.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I fixed it. Looks and works brand new.

2nd Droid Eris

Well, I received the digitizer late from the people I bought it from. So, I just today put the phone back together. Low and behold the digitizer does not work correctly at all. It is like the calibration is way out of wack and I had already glued it into the phone. There goes a hundred and ten dollars. Wonderful way to start the holidays.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Not posting for a while

Sorry haven't posted in a while. I am sure most of you know about AlertPay, If you do not , it is similar to paypal and is used a lot in non-american sites. You can also obtain money by sharing links and other stuff.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nothing Interesting

Nothing particularly interesting is going on. I am going to start work on a new server software soon. Eh, that is about it.